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Kleva Electric Can Opener

How to use:
1.Install battery
Press the direction of arrow with your thumb on the bottom of the Jar Opener and push up
Correctly install the TWO AA batteries as the positive and negative pole direction
Reinstall back the bottom cap of the Jar Opener on the Jar Opener after successfully install the two AA batteries
Do not mixture use the new and old batteries or different kinds of batteries

2.Start the Jar Opener
Put the groove of the Jar Opener on the margin of the can
Press the “Start”button about 1 second till the Jar Opener starting, then let it go. The Jar Opener will automatically stop when finished opening the cap of the can
Take the Jar Opener after opened the can, the magnet on the Jar Opener suck the can cap, so the can cap will be removed with the Jar Opener at the same time

1xAutomatic Opener
1xJar Grip Mate
1xuser manual

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October 18, 2021 10:55 am to October 18, 2021 12:55 pm


Kleva Electric Can Opener

The Kleva Electric Can Opener is the New One Touch Automatic Can, Jar, Tin Opener Tool  that is completely Cordless and Battery Operated.

The Kleva Electric Can Opener is completely automatic and safe, just a single touch of a button and your can opens in seconds.
Its not like the traditional can Opener where you have to manually twist open, the One Touch
Can Opener does all the work for you.
Just put the Can Opener on the can and press the button, few seconds you will see the can automatically opened for you. No strength needed, no sharp edge, hands-free! It is just that easy!
It stores conveniently in your kitchen drawer.

With the free Jar Opener that comes with this product, you’ll be able to twist off jar lids that are seemingly impossible to open.

100% Brand new and high quality!
Very simple and fast to use to open cans, bottles, tins and jars, very convenient.
An easy and safe way to open any sizes cans, just press the button and the can will be open in seconds.
The lid lifts off safely, without any edges or twisting.
The bottle wrench can open the caps without hurting hands or using too much strength.
The magnet on the opener would adsorbs the cover and then carefully remove it.
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Package includes:
1 x Can opener
1 x Bottle Wrench

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