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Kleva Kitchen Food Slicer

This kleva kitchen food slicer is perfect for slicing vegetables, fruit salads,  for cutting various foods for babies, chopping herbs, veggies, pesto and more. It’s a ideal kitchen tool for household use.

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Kleva Kitchen Food Slicer

The kleva kitchen food slicer is perfect for cutting vegetables, fruit salad, chopping nuts, herbs, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, meat for meatloaf, ice and more.
Stop wasting time chopping and slicing the old fashioned way and forget expensive food processors and blenders taking up precious cupboard and bench space.
Forget cutting up each vegetable one at a time now you can easily put a meal together in no time at all.
With this new food slicer you can chop like a pro,
the finer slice the more you pull.
Really the kleva kitchen food slicer is the best tool you can have in the cupboard of your home.
There is no food you cannot prepare with with this fantastic kleva slicer.




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