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Kleva Thawing Plate

The kleva thawing plate uses a high density aviation material for a very fast thawing result.
A heat dissipation principle helps undertake the separation of water from the food you want defrosted in a matter of minutes.

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Thawing Frozen Foods

With our kleva thawing plate, thawing frozen foods just become much quicker and easier.
Defrosting food no longer has to sit on the kitchen bench for the day in preparation for the evening meal.
This Aluminium tray cuts thawing time down to just minutes.

Color: Green
Material: Aluminium + Silver Ion + Silicone
Size: 300 mm x 215 mm x 3 mm

Package Included:
1 x Defrosting Tray

Why Choose Us:
Q: How long will it defrost one piece of ice (about 2g)?
A: It will take 3-4 minutes if the defrosting tray without silver ion antibacterial coating, but only take 1.5 -2 minutes with our defrosting tray.

● FASTER – the defrosting tray works 6-9 times faster than natural thawing speed, reduces the defrosting time
● SLEEK DESIGN – rectangular shape with green silicone edging, easily fits into any kinds of cupboards, perfect to match up with all kitchens
● VERSATILE – quickly defrost meats such as bacon, sausages, chicken, prawns and other fish products
● EASY TO USE – just put your f-rozen food on it and it defrosted automatically, no electric, no microwave or chemicals
● FOOD SAFER – silver ion antibacterial coating, keeps flies and insects away from food

Warm Tips:
1.It will enhance the defrost speed if flush out frost on the surface with water before defrosting
2.Please let f-rozen meat defrost on one side for a certain time, then turn over and defrost on the another side to speed up defrosting
3.Please DON’T use it as a cutting board
4.Please DON’T use hard tool to brush it

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